Thursday, December 08, 2011

Visits to students on work experience

Today I had the pleasure on visiting two students on work experience. VITTA, where I work, runs a program called ICT Achievers, which up to 20 students in Year 11 can apply for. They are matched with a mentor organisation while the students does three weeks at the workplace in some field relating to ICT. During this time the students keep a blog to reflect on what they are learning and at the end of the program there is a celebration of all they have achieved.

Today I met Bethany who has now finished her placement in the State Library of Victoria and was involved with some projects that the education manager is looking to implement. I was very impressed with this type of learning as the student is given room for a fair amount of initiative and creativity and the workplace benefits from the students' enthusiasm and creativity. Bethany was working on using QR codes within the library as way for visitors to the library to have access to interesting historical and other material about the library.

This is an interesting blog post about some ways that QR codes are being used in libraries.


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