Monday, December 12, 2011

Effective 1:1 programs

Today I went to visit a primary school in the western suburbs of Melbourne where the principal is launching her seniors (grades 4 to 6) into a 1 to 1 program. It is interesting in that the students having their own laptops is optional, but over 50% do have them at this stage. The school has some computers for the use of the students who do not bring their own to school.

The teachers who will be teaching in the senior school are all confident and accomplished in using ICT to facilitate learning, and I was really impressed with the principal's approach to the use of ICT. We went on a tour of the school and met some of the students to observe their work. I felt that this school was on the verge of some major breakthrough with regard to the learning of students. The interesting part is that next year their will be an open plan learning area in the part of the school that will be 1:1 and the principal has some interesting ideas about how the space can be used.

What I liked about this was the comprehensive and integrated vision of the principal, incorporating teacher professional learning, the hardware and infrastructure and the attention paid to the use of space and an expansion of the paradigm of what teaching and learning is. She actually mentioned that teachers and students would all be learners together. The students I met would make that prospect a really engaging one and I look forward to working more with this school and spending more time there.

Some interesting posts about preparing to introduce 1 to 1 programs in schools are these: PD in a one to one environment by Nick Sauers and 1 to 1 learning from the Queensland education department. I would love to know of other resources that would help schools who are about to embark on a 1 to 1 program in the near future. What have you found helpful?

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