Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Online social protocols

Two weeks ago I was privileged to be able to present briefly at the VITTA VCE IT day on ITA Unit 3 Outcome 1. This new study design has a concept called Online Social Protocols that are (as the study design says: "Accepted ways of behaving on websites that support communication. Protocols usually relate to identity, the nature of information exchanged, language used in communications and the rights of members. Examples of breaches of social online protocols include fraudulent identity, cyberbullying, harassment, posting of inappropriate information and use of inappropriate language." I was delighted to talk about the "online social protocols" that I have learned about in my five years online. Mostly I wanted to express that though the study requires that students learn about online communities and what meets an online community’s needs the most important thing is that an online community is a human community. It is our job as teachers to guide students in their life online in the same way that teachers and parents guide students in the playground. This requires that the internet's "anonymity" is not the important thing but the ethics is more important.