Thursday, June 03, 2010

Certificate of Emerging Technologies

At the moment I am sitting in a class put on by VITTA and John Pearce called the Certificate of Emerging Technologies, learning about Copyright, Ethics and ICT. It is a four week course and will probably be repeated next semester. It is having a really interesting effect on me. When I first learnt about the interactive aspects of the internet in 2005 I jumped into blogging and listening to podcasts and interacting with both feet. Then life took over. I got too busy and started skimming blogs, twittering instead of blogging and letting my flickr page just sit there. With John's enthusiasm I am finding that I have been missing what I loved before. John has set up a wiki for the class with lots of links and tutorials and information. I love the development of cameraderie in a group when the PD goes over a period of time, and I love learning about new things. At the moment we are using PiratePad to collaborate, writing in the same space together. Will keep you all updated as we go.