Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In response to the delicious announcement

Just heard about on twitter (via Safina Noorani) automagically collects links you share on Facebook, Twitter and Delicious, ... and makes them searchable. has a blog as well.

As their About page says: "The world is now more social. We share, we like, we tweet, retweet, link and generally exchange information on the social web. But how do you keep track of the things you like? takes care of that for you. By connecting into your social networks, monitors and collects the links that you find interesting across the social web.

More importantly, it indexes the web pages these links point to and builds a personal search engine, so you never have to tag or describe a link again, you just search and will find it again for you.

We've been in closed beta, but opened up in response to the delicious announcement, there's still LOTS to do and we'd love to hear from you as we work to build something great."

Seems pretty good to me.

Image attribution: Image: 'Web 2.0'

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My links for today (weekly)

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Diigo: a favourite collaboration and learning tool

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Just reflecting on my favourite Web 2.0 tool and I would have to say that Diigo is one of the best. It brings together the best of social networking and social bookmarking. Its web 2.0 qualities are seen in the idea of collaboration that is embedded in it. The groups feature is one of the most helpful in that you have your outboard brain working for you (namely the community of people who are on the same search as you). It really is a case of many hands make light work. The name “Diigo” is an abbreviation for “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff” (from the About Page of Diigo). With Diigo you can add highlights and sticky notes, in situ, on any web page they read. Imagine a giant transparency overlaying on top of all the web pages. Users can write on the transparency as they wish, as private notes or public comments. And they can read public comments on the transparency left by other readers of the same page. VITTA has a diigo group that you can save bookmarks to, and also subscribe to the findings of others who save their bookmarks to the VITTALearning group. Accessible from the front page of the VITTA website this group is well worthwhile subscribing to.

Or join it here:

VITTA (Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association) a non-profit organisation supporting information and communication technology teachers at primary & secondary schools.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

My links for today (weekly)

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Certificate of Emerging Technologies

At the moment I am sitting in a class put on by VITTA and John Pearce called the Certificate of Emerging Technologies, learning about Copyright, Ethics and ICT. It is a four week course and will probably be repeated next semester. It is having a really interesting effect on me. When I first learnt about the interactive aspects of the internet in 2005 I jumped into blogging and listening to podcasts and interacting with both feet. Then life took over. I got too busy and started skimming blogs, twittering instead of blogging and letting my flickr page just sit there. With John's enthusiasm I am finding that I have been missing what I loved before. John has set up a wiki for the class with lots of links and tutorials and information. I love the development of cameraderie in a group when the PD goes over a period of time, and I love learning about new things. At the moment we are using PiratePad to collaborate, writing in the same space together. Will keep you all updated as we go.